Machine Translation of Subtitles

The quality produced in machine translation is acceptable.The maximum accuracy that you can expect for your video subtitles, from machine translation of subtitles is around 70%.

The translation process of the subtitles can be done speedily with machine translation because it is an automated process and thus requires less time.The charges are super low for the machine translation of video subtitles. As there are no other tools or persons are involved except a machine performing the translation process thus fewer resources leads to fewer charges.

From the security perspective, the machine translation process is considered to be more secure in comparison to its counterpart manual translation process. The reason being that the client content is not exposed to other humans and is given to one machine alone

Machine Vs Manual

A few examples can show the difference in quality. Machine Generated outputs can have caption subtitle instead of captions and subtitles. Similarly, errors like subtitling translation instead of translating subtitles are a common example explaining the difference between the accuracy and quality of the two. Visual Subtitles is a brand that offers 100% human-generated translation of video subtitles along with closed captioning and subtitling .

 Manual Translation of Subtitles

The quality obtained after the manual translation of the subtitles is very good.At least 98% accuracy is delivered by the human translators while translating the subtitles of a video.The time taken by human translators to perform the translation of video subtitles needs more time. Because it is a manual process, the time will be more but it will also be worth the accuracy and quality delivered in the end.

Rates are generally higher for the human translation process of subtitles because a lot of efforts from the translators have been involved. More efforts and more resources lead to higher charges but these rates are worth the quality of the outputs delivered.The security provided by the translation agencies for manual translation is always questionable. The reason for this is due to the fact that it passes through the translators working on it and then to the quality check procedure which involves experts of the native language. Agencies do offer NDA agreements to ensure security and confidentiality.

The question is what should you opt for machine-based translation of the subtitles or the manual translation of the subtitles. There are certain parameters to evaluate the pros of both the options and to understand what cons they involve.




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