I'm still tempted to choose the ineffective route

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Another is RuneScape gold Frost Dragons - I used in order to you struck them with dragon bane bolts on legacy. I understand legacy's been nerfed, but I never find a hit over 400 anymore. Likewise, together with the KBD, I have hit 800s while on a slayer task, but now I can't seem to even scratch it.

I have got a brand new laptop, but it's working much more perfectly compared to my older one, therefore that should not be the reason... So please, give me any hints as to what I should upgrade, share your ability pubs, or any other information. Thank you in advance! Is there some way to access the lower level versions of prayers after you level your prayer level enough to unlock the next tier?

As you know, the Enlightenment air has been released, and it is possible that it will become a permanent substitute for bonus XP weekends. Now, I could take advantage of this opportunity and reach one of my biggest goals - 200m in Summoning. Now, here is the problem: I would have to acquire a mean of 2k crimson charms every day, every day. This cannot reasonably be done by slaying such as charms. Achieving this would require a massive quantity of camping in waterfiends.

I do appreciate Slayer xp beyond 99. Therefore, camping waterfiends isn't efficient because I do not gain any Slayer xp while collecting charms. To put it into perspective, I'd profit over 100k reddish charms if I chased my way to 200m xp in the slayer skill. If I were to get 200m summoning right now without advancing my slayer xp, then if I start going for 200m slay then, all those possible charm drops become totally and completely useless.

Knowing this, I'm still tempted to choose the ineffective route, and purely train summoning. When I camp waterfiends, I receive better yields out of my bonus xp air, meaning I need to collect less complete charms. When I slay for all my charms, I save a large amount of time needed to accumulate buy RS gold charms, however I will probably need to use my charms without even double XP active.


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